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PR & MARKETING FOR YOUR BRAND: We'll create with you and for you!

You run your own business but: What do your audiences think of your brand? Do they know you exist? Are they engaging with you on social media and beyond? Does anyone know about your past, current, or upcoming project(s)? Don't stress, simply let us do the work for you.

Alexis & Company is an Atlanta-based organization with a division specializing in Indie Marketing & Public Relations. The term "indie" refers to anyone working independently in any industry. (For example, indie filmmakers, indie fashion designers, indie artists, indie journalists, indie chefs, indie authors, indie hair stylists, etc.). Alexis & Co. prides itself on its ability to connect indie brands and freelancers with their target audiences.


Alexis Harris, founder of Alexis & Co., is a marketing and public relations expert specializing in the indie circuit and freelance market; which means she works with brands and budgets of all sizes. After mastering her craft, Alexis received a Master of Arts in Communication with a concentration in Public & Media Relations from Johns Hopkins University. Previous high-profile brands with which Alexis has worked include:


1. The Ellen DeGeneres Show

2. CoverGirl Cosmetics (that's right, "easy, breezy, beautiful")

3. BET

4. Black Girls Rock!


If you're lacking creativity or simply want a fresh perspective to reinvent your brand, film, or project, you should trust Alexis to create messages on behalf of your brand in order to promote past, present, and future projects. Alexis is known for thinking outside of the box, offering fresh insight, and delivering desired results. Beyond creating and delivering messages, Alexis works tirelessly to cultivate and maintain relationships between a client's brand and its audiences. This "relationship maintenance" is crucial to the success of any campaign.


No two brands are the same. Therefore, it is all about finding your niche in your area of expertise. It's all about strategy + creativity, two concepts Alexis understands thoroughly. No matter your budget or resources, we can get your brand noticed by real people and generate true fans, customers, and supporters. The following list includes various reasons brands enjoy the services of Alexis & Co.:


1. Alexis connects your brand with people who are interested in what you have to offer.


2. Alexis creates unique, memorable messages for your brand.


3. Alexis consistently posts on social media outlets to maintain brand awareness.


4. Alexis connects brands with media outlets for publicity.


5. Alexis can transfer your client profile over to larger brands if desired.


There is no other company with the charisma and creativity of Alexis and Company. We would be honored to prove it to you! Alexis works with budgets of all sizes to create the perfect package for your needs. Prices are contingent upon frequency of outreach, number of channels of dissemination, duration of campaign, nature of deployed resources, and more... but we promise to always remain within your budget and deliver the best results!

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